Bleed or Gallery wrap explained

Bleed or “Gallery wrap” as it is known is simply when your image goes around the side of the wooden stretcher frame.

The example below shows an image with no bleed (White Edge) and an image with bleed (Photo wraps around the sides).

gallery wrap canvas prints

If you want bleed adding to your canvas prints and are worried you will loose some of your photo, do not despair. At Canvasdezign, we take the last 2 inches of your photo and mirror it over the edges in order for you not to loose any of the picture from the front of the canvas print. Once we have mirrored the image we then "Clone" any odd looking shapes from the added bleed. A good example is shown below.

Bleed on canvas prints explained

Another clear example is the image below. To fully demonstrate the difference between gallery wrap or no wrap we have prepared the same photo using both methods.

The photo on the left is gallery wrap and you can see none of the picture will be cut off as we have added to the image.

The photo on the right is a plain no bleed prepared image. The edges are simply left white and the photo sits on the front of the frame.

example of a canvas gallery wrap