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3 Ways To Make A Statement In Your Space

If your home space or workspace is boring and needs a makeover, we’ve got you covered! Not everybody knows how to really brighten up their space or how to accessorize using the right pieces to really make the space pop. But all hope isn’t lost yet! You can easily make a statement with your space with these handy tips we’ve compiled for you. Read on to find out how to really spruce up your space so that it makes a statement on all:

1. Choose bold colors

The best way to make a statement in your space is by choosing bold colors. And this doesn’t just mean a bold color for the walls. In fact, you can choose a subtle or traditional color for your walls like walk, beige, grey and the like, and then decorate the space with bold, colorful accents to make that statement! Think bold blues, reds, yellows and the like. These colors will definitely make an impact on all who see them and really liven up the space from drab to bold! When choosing accent pieces in these bold colors, opt for pieces that work for the space, this way you don’t get a cluttered feeling because that will just downplay the bold statement you’re trying to make!

2. It’s all in the details

You’ve probably heard this saying before, how details really make a statement! According to the famous American designer, Charles Eames, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” And this holds true since details can really save your space from being ordinary or boring. When designing your space, think of it as a totality; how multiple rooms and connecting areas should also have a style that runs through the entire space naturally instead of being forced together. The details means more than just accents to your space; it means integrating all of your space’s elements from the flooring to the lighting the decorations and the furniture – which all combine to create a dynamic statement. It’s the details that spark conversation and tell stories. They’ll express your style, attitude and even your experience when displayed correctly, allowing a story to be told about your design tastes.

3. Bold displays

Like bold colors, you’ll want to display your chosen details as bold as you can. And it doesn’t just have to be some sort of extravagant or exquisite piece of furniture or decoration either. Simply having bold frames around mirrors or painting will surely do! An easy way to achieve this is by opting for large canvas prints! If you have the wall space, go for extra large canvas prints, but if not, regular large ones will do. The best part about large canvas prints is that you can literally print anything you like! Maybe it’s a family photo that you really adore from a recent vacation or some a picture of your favorite artist. We all know original art work can be very expensive, but the quality you get with large canvas prints can’t be beat. You can easily reproduce your favorite Monet or Van Gogh piece for cheap! These large canvas prints are exactly what your space needs as its bold display and will personalize your space even more, regardless if it’s your office at work, living room, family room or even hallway. And since large canvas prints are cheap, you can buy a few without breaking the bank!